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F5 Opening Titles Sequence

I recently came across the work of Buck, a motion graphics firm in LA. I really enjoy several of their projects (which I will post as reference). This particular project, titles for F5, caught my interest because it is a mash up of several different ideas, techniques and experiments that seems to be held together through visual consistency and aesthetics. I love the puppets at the beginning and the ‘children’s show’ like theme. However, you must keep watching so you can see fun typographic title designs that interact with the bizarre context of images. I especially like the balloon shots and the split screen shots with people.

Vectors, Graphics & Motion, Oh My

Thanks to one of my sophomore students in design technology, I was recently introduced to the work of designer, illustrator and motion guru Iain Acton. Personally, this is some of my favorite motion work I have come across. I enjoy the simplicity of graphic and geometric shapes, colors and motion that seems to naturally emerge into complex states of being and then disappear or loop. You can find more work on the vimeo site. 

Handmade Type

Handmade Type is a typographic and motion experiment from Tien-Min Liao, a graphic designer from Taiwan currently studying at Pratt. Definitely make sure to check out her work on her Behance page to see the process behind the video, which include a few nice photographs and additional animations. Personally, I enjoy seeing how the typeface was drawing on actual hands and arms and then translated into simple black & white line drawings.

Thanks to Michael Wirtz for bringing this project to my attention.

The ‘Ayaba’ Project

A wonderful fashion project and a beautiful and simple stop motion video from the faculty, staff and students at Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar. The video was photographed by Stella Colaleo and edited by Simone Muscolino with model Marion Sanguesa. 

From the project website:
The ‘Ayaba’ Project endeavors to create a versatile garment that may be transformed into different looks for every day of the year by using accessories and changing the silhouette. The traditional abaya, the popular garment of the region, in many ways complies with the attributes of a uniform in that is simple, comfortable, practical, is adaptable to every shape and size, and it can be worn every day. We transformed the traditional ‘abaya’ into an ‘ayaba’ - a new uniform by creating various slits, attaching buttons and adding elastic draw strings. The versatility of the ayaba allows it to playfully morph into endless variations that reflect multicultural styles that reach across the world from East to West, while also presenting a variety of looks, from funky day to elegant evening wear.

Innovation with Impact

21st Century Development: Innovation with Impact is a short graphical essay produced on behalf of the the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The spot uses a trendy graphic animation style along with voice over from Bill Gates to paint a picture of how our globalization can benefit culture, people, basic needs, economies and production of goods. He uses a compelling example that emerged from a relationship between Brazil and Japan, that benefited both countries and then benefited a third developing country. This is the type of global thinking that we need to sustain humanity for the future. 

How A Virus Changes the World

A wonderful graphic animation that provides a lot of information and breaks down a major historical pandemic event in under two minutes. Not only are the visuals, typography and animations well crafted, but the spot delivers a powerful message. ‘How A Virus Changes the World' has been nominated for a Ted Ad's award and was created by '’. 

Note: If anyone has information regarding the director, illustrator, designer or motion team, please send me an email so I can give them credit. 

Sexy Fingers:

Sexy Fingers is a fun, sexy and risque animated campaign regarding public health for AIDES. The spot was created by the Paris agency JTW. To elaborate and paraphrase from the JTW website, the campaign was designed to run during the summer, when new relationships and other fun often erupt. The spot should make people laugh and blush with pleasure and mischief while informing the public about ‘rapid testing’ performed by AIDES. I enjoy the rhythmic and whimsical animation style that is colorful and cheerful, while at the same time makes you think, wow that was gross. 

Although this spot is contemporary and fresh, it does align within a historical and contemporary past. Directors such as Ralph Bakshi and Illustrators like Robert Crumb created work in this genre in the 1970’s, especially with films like ‘Fritz the Cat’. And in Japan you can walk into any 7/11 store and find aisles full of ‘anime like porn’ in magazine formats with similar style. 

This work also reminded me of a more recent video art animation I watched in Vienna two summers ago, 'Punkmachine' by Grrrr. The finger drawing movements, graphic style, hand clapping and rhythmic cuts have a similar feel. 

A Solar Annual Report

Although this is a print piece, I thought the use of printing technology and the interaction with the user (and the sun) made this work unique. The project is ‘Australia’s Solar 2011 Annual Report’ and the printing book is blank until the user takes it into sunlight and allows the pages to come to life. You can find more information on fastcodesign by fastcompany.

Thanks to one of my former students Katie Coston for sharing the original link.


Soundmachines' is a new interactive experiment/object from 'The Product' that I recently came across on the Processing site.. The ‘soundmachine’ is designed to perform electronic music through a sensor-based interface that is both physical and digital. The concept is quite simple, but I enjoy seeing how the colorful die-cut (lasercut) patterns on discs rotate and create the soundscapes through the sensored environment that is controlled by the user. 

Although a lot of designers are exploring these areas of experimental interactivity, I think each instance is unique and can provide inspiration for future interface developments that bridge physical & digital worlds.